What if a property owner disagrees with their Reappraisal Value?

Our office makes every effort to ensure that all unique characteristics of a property are considered in establishing fair market value. When property owners have a concern regarding their appraisal or classification and do not agree with the Assessor's value, they should request an Informal Review.
An Informal Review is not an appeal. It is an opportunity for property owners to share information with the Assessor's Office in order for their property values to reflect fair market value.

The deadline to request a 2007 Informal Review of your property values has passed. In order to challenge your 2008 appraisal and assessment, you must file an appeal with the West Feliciana Parish Board of Review (the West Feliciana Parish Council) by the published deadline. This will occur after the open book period sometime between August 15th and September 15th of each year. For more information concerning the 2008 appeals process, please contact by calling 225.635.3350.