What is a Special Assessment Level?

A Special Assessment Level will freeze the assessed value of a property, which would keep the property taxes from increasing due to reassessment. In other words, unless the millage rate for the parish changes, the property taxes would remain the same as long as the assessment is frozen.

To qualify, an applicant must first meet the homestead exemption requirements. Then they must be 65 years of age or older, or they are permanently or totally disable disabled as determined by a court or as certified by a state or federal administrative agency, or any persons who have a service-connected disability rating of fifty percent (50%) or more by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Finally, all applicants must make below the maximum income requirement.

It should be noted that the maximum allowed income goes up a little yearly due to inflation. Also, if the applicant is married but files separately, the adjusted gross income of the spouse must be added to the adjusted goes income of the applicant.

The Special assessment will remain attached to the property as long as; (1) the applicant remains the owner, (2) the value of the property does not increase by 25% or more due to structural improvements to the property, and (3) the applicant's spouse inherits the property after the applicant's death and at that time meet the requirements to keep the special assessment level.